Akustisch /// Surfer Blood "Swim"

Für zwischendurch: Surfer BloodSwim (To Reach The End)
Geile Band, geiler Song und überhaupt. Habe hier mal wahllos Rezensionen zusammenkopiert, um euch davon zu überzeugen, dass die Jungs aus Florida der neue heiße Scheiß sind. Hoffentlich werden sie nicht verglühen, wie so viele vor ihnen. Bin jedoch komplett davon überzeugt, dass dies nicht so sein wird.

„The West Palm Beach, Fla., foursome of Surfer Blood come to us with an irresistibly catchy piece of, well, surf-y rock, at least (also a bit Weezer-esque in a very good way). The track’s opening salvo of distorted guitar riffs and heavily reverbed vocals is quickly followed by the punchy eponymous chorus before settling into the island groove of the middle section that builds back up to the anthemic end.“ Pitchfork.com

„West Palm Beach indie outfit Surfer Blood, revives the same lo-fi, post-punk qualities that Joy Division embodied. The band’s a little 1980s, a little experimental, and at times, more than a little melancholic. Beyond all the gloomy stuff, though, Surfer Blood’s songs are catchy as hell and incorporate Of Montreal-style harmonies that mitigate its maudlin mood.“ – Erica Landau, New Times

„I was swept by West Palm Beach’s Surfer Blood. Like sweetness accosted by danger and chaos, their blaring guitar pop pairs ringing, lovely and occasionally triumphant melodies with head-rushing swells of noise. They’re onto an exhilaratingly modern sound and have the goods to make big ripples. And wrecking your instruments at the end of your set never hurts.“ – The Orlando Weekly….


Live klingt „Swim (To Reach The End)“ noch ein wenig besser, wie man hier hören kann:


Surfer Blood zuhause


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